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25.05.2009 - Ruveco Teck
We wish to inform you about a new production process, called Ruveco Teck, which drastically reduces the quantity of metal in the drinks delivered. Ruveco Teck is an absolute innovation for the market and has been perfected in collaboration with a leader company of another sector and is an exclusive Cimbali-Faema solution which is already NSF certified.
From now on, all components that come into contact with the water used for preparing drinks and steam will undergo this new treatment. Although only a few series have been involved in this change today, we will be extending its application in the next few months to cover the whole range of our products. The treatment is particularly visible especially on the delivery groups which no longer will have the typical brass colour.
This action is part of a much wider monitoring scenario in anticipation of future Directives and Laws that have an impact on our products. Since we recently became aware of the contents of the guidelines which will be behind the imminent Food Safety Directive, we decided to make the significant construction changes we mentioned above. When the Directive is made public, each member country will have to put its principles into force, legislating accordingly.
Considering the above, we are well in advance on putting into force not only national laws but the European Directive as well! And if we consider the average life of the coffee machines we produce, by doing this we aim at guaranteeing complete suitability over time of the products that we will be marketing as from today.
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